Watercolors: A Beginner’s Guide

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Paint with oil is much easier than watercolors. It’s important to understand that watercolor painting is a form of art in its own right. You can learn a lot from a simple video tutorial, or by reading the small booklet included with some starter kits, related site!

But watercolors can still be full of detail, vivid with color and beautiful to look at. Can a beginner achieve such a quality of painting with just a few basic techniques? Unfortunately, the answer to your question is a resounding NO.

Know what you’re doing!

See…you need to be a master of watercolor painting. The only way to fix mistakes in watercolors is by adding more paint. This does not work with oil painting. It is important to get every brushstroke right the first time you touch the canvas.

You don’t need to worry that I am telling you all this just to dissuade you from painting in oils. It’s obvious that you want to learn this skill, otherwise why would you be searching online for help? It is true that learning how to paint using watercolors takes time, but you will reap the benefits long after.

How do I begin?

Before you do anything else, don’t rush off to your nearest art supplies shop and buy a whole cartful. Start painting right away with very simple supplies.

It is impossible to know exactly how you came across this article. However, if I were to read and follow these instructions you would be well on your way in order for you actually get started.