Top 5 Tips for Finding Great Blog Ideas

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A blog is a fun way to earn money. People are starting blogs in their own niches more and more. Many people are more focused on the idea than the topic or posts, which is quite interesting. To sum it all, I challenge anyone who is thinking of starting a blog to think about at least 50 posts ideas and not less than 10. This is especially true if your blog follows kitty corner cat furniture 

What reason do you think 50 is important?

There are many great reasons to do this activity, and not just read about them.

You can start with. You are thinking about starting a blog on a specific topic. You might not be interested in writing about a certain topic if you cannot think of 50 topics. Most blogs take around a year to start. If you fail to come up with at most 50, then you are likely to have difficulty after six months.

Next. Posting ‘epic’ content is a key part of starting a blog. A blog that is informative and amazing will make you a authority for people to return to. You can identify the best topics from the rest by taking the time to list 50. There are several types of

Third. If epic content is the most important thing then being consistent as an author is certainly the second most important. No one will tune in to a blog that doesn’t have anything new each week/month. When people first visit a blog they consider it more authoritative and interesting. You should post 2-3 times per week if your goal is to make a positive impression and keep people coming back. If you have a list prepared and are able to suggest topics for future posts, your blog will appear more organized and long-term.

50: How would you describe it?

Did I convince you? Awesome. It’s time to think about where you might get the best ideas. Here are some great ideas for creating your list.

  1. Google Keyword Research is your first step. Google Keyword research is the best way to find out what keywords your blog is targeting. Keyword research tools can help you find similar words that people are searching for. It is great information about what your target audience likes to read. Consider writing a blog about Young Adult Fiction. Google will reveal how many people searched for the same ‘Twilight Meyers’. Blog post? It’s possible.
  2. This tip comes from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive income (I would love to claim this as mine, but the academic within me is screaming plagiarism). You can search for your keyword by going to Amazon or Google Books. You will see a list of books relevant to the topic you are trying to write about. Use the preview function to view their content pages. Bam! You have a wide range of topics to choose from.
  3. Another great idea I’ve discovered is to divide your posts into different types depending on your area. You might want to have Information Monday through Wednesday and Review Friday if you are posting three times per week. Now you can think about around 20 ideas under each of these. You might want to have information posts about different types of architecture and How-To many renovation projects. Also, you could review the top tools for the trade. This will help you think of topics and choose the right topic. You’ll never run out of topics to write about on your blog. If you are unable to come up with any other topic, grab and write a blog post about it.
  4. As a follow-up to the previous tip, I strongly recommend you divide information posts into series. It is important to keep your posts short but provide sufficient information so that people feel they know a lot about the subject. You can reduce the size of a topic by writing a series of posts each Monday. This will allow you to keep the information concise, yet still provide all the necessary information. Let’s take, for instance, a post on running barefoot. This one idea could lead to at least three posts of high quality that link to each others. One post could be about the history of barefoot racing (why it suddenly became so popular), the main techniques you need to run efficiently and one on the various types and styles of minimalist shoes. At least three posts are needed for this idea.
  5. My last tip has been so helpful to me many times. Use forums. Visit the forums where your target audience is already present to find out what they are interested in learning about. Forums can be a great place for post ideas, as members are literally asking for posts about the topic. It is often surprising to me how many people ask questions. I wonder if they don’t know the answer. I know that they do not and so, fortunately. You can even go back and answer the question in the forum after writing your blog post.