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Ten Things to Know Before You Rent Self Storage

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1. It is crucial to set a budget. Before you rent a Denver self storage unit, ask your manager how often they increase their rates. Ask your manager for the numbers if the price seems reasonable, check important site.

2. Rents due. Ask your manager when rent is due. What options do you have to pay your rent? You have the option to prepare months in advance or pay online at self-storage units. You have the option to choose the most convenient schedule and then follow it.

3. Self storage facilities don’t cause storms. It is possible to visit the self-storage facility in Denver if you live near it. Water damage is not the responsibility of the storage facility. It is worth taking the extra time to inspect your belongings after a storm.

4. Access. Access. How often will you access your self-storage unit? This will allow you to decide on the size self-storage unit that you want to rent. If you plan to use your self-storage unit frequently, a larger unit may be recommended. You will need extra space to be able to access your storage unit without damaging any belongings. If you aren’t planning on using your self storage unit often, the manager will recommend the right size unit. If you are able to pack and organize it properly, a self-storage unit one size larger might be an option. Place any items you will be using frequently near the front. You might not have enough storage space, but renting a smaller unit per month can help you save money.

5. Hidden fees. Hidden fees. Self storage facilities can charge a deposit. If you move out of the facility in good condition, your deposit will be refunded. Ask the manager of the self-storage facility for details about the deposit and other hidden fees before you sign the lease.

6. You will need a moving truck. If you do not have one, ask the manager to rent it or to recommend someone. Ask your self storage facility about any perks or waivers for customers.

7. Insurance. It is important to insure everything you own.

8. Pack smart. When you are packing your self-storage unit, make sure to pack valuables in the back.

9. Lock down. Ask the manager of the self-storage facility about security features they offer their customers. Next, visit a hardware store to purchase a lock that cannot be cut with bolt cutters. You can ask the manager for help in choosing which lock you want to purchase or where to locate it.

10. You can see it yourself. Take a tour of the Denver self-storage facility to see how secure and in good condition it is. It is important to feel comfortable storing your belongings at the self-storage facility. Ask the self-storage manager where they live so they can keep an eye on your belongings 24 hours a day.