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Flagpoles available for sale

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For some poles with more extravagant designs, the most expensive flagpoles can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A commercial aluminum eighty foot pole, which is the highest end of the spectrum, could cost $10,000. It is more practical to use additional info residential poles that are shorter than others and are also more affordable.

You can purchase flagpoles as complete kits that include all hardware. A 15-foot aluminum residential flagpole that comes with an external, halyard system costs $500. This would include a flag, a pulley, “truck assembly”, cleats, snap hooks to keep the flag from banging against the pole, and flash collar to give it a finished look.

Because of the additional time it takes to produce an internal halyard, they can be more pricey.

Because they are less wearable, fiberglass flagpoles can be more costly than aluminum. It is also more sought-after than aluminum, which makes it more expensive. Because it is practically invincible, bronze tends to be one of the most expensive.

There are many flagpole vendors to choose from. Look up flagpoles in your local yellow pages or search online to find one.