In the US, Ganoderma Mushroom Products have seen an increase in demand.

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As in many other countries, ganoderma has been in high demand in the United States over the last 12 months. There appear to be several reasons for this increase in interest. But what exactly is ganoderma? It sounds like ganoderma has something to do the skin. But that is not the truth.

Ganoderma can be described as a soulpsybin. It can be called many different names depending on its geographic location. However, it is most commonly known by the names ganoderma lucidum or ganoderma lucidum.


Ganoderma’s long and rich history includes 4,000 years of use as a medicinal mushrooms, especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ganodermalucidum has been used for general health and long-term longevity in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years. Its use in Eastern World of Medicine is well-known. Ganoderma was considered a key ingredient to good health by the Emperors and Queens of Chin Dynasty.

The gano mushroom is a West-based mushroom that has enjoyed a loyal following for years. However, it was always under-the-radar. However, this has changed in the last year. The public’s interest in ganoderma is up significantly over the past twelve months. A few network marketing organizations have been heavily advertising products containing the red mushrooms. However, there is more to it.

Trustworthy organizations are conducting ongoing research into the possible health benefits of this mushrooms. Baby boomers worried about rising health costs and the desire for better eating habits and better exercise have led many middle-aged people to look into better diets and workout routines. Witness the increase in yoga classes and the fact that vitamin sales remained strong during the recession.