Home Energy Services — Energy Efficient Measures

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To be at your best, you need to have a home or business that is efficient. It is amazing to see the number of businesses or homes that waste money simply because they did not consider how efficient their home was. See PorchLight Home Energy Assessors to get more info.

What would you do to your car if it didn’t get a tune up? Or its oil changed regularly? You probably wouldn’t. Why should you neglect your home and business? An assessment by a home energy company can open up new perspectives. These companies will evaluate your home and present you with the best energy efficiency measures for your business or home.

Most homes and businesses are affected by the infiltration or exfiltration of air through their building envelopes. The building envelope encompasses everything that separates the exterior and interior of a building. This includes the foundation, roof, insulation, windows, walls, ceiling, roof, and foundation. Air leakage is most common around cracks and openings in the envelope.

Sealing, weather stripping, insulation and insulating are some of the most efficient energy-saving measures you can take.


You can eliminate drafts from your house by sealing them. The best way to reduce energy loss is to seal pipes, add gaskets around electric sockets, and seal windows and doors. Many people don’t know that air leaks can affect as much as 25% of your home’s heat and cooling.
Weather stripping

This can be used in sealing air leaks within your home or office. Leakage is most common around moving joints like doors and windows. Before you apply weather stripping, it is important to first identify the source of the leaks and determine your ventilation requirements.


Home attic insulation can generally return your initial investment quickly. You should be aware that improving the air quality of your business or home can have a negative impact on other aspects such as indoor air quality (IAQ) or relative humidity. In certain cases, an increase in insulation in your attic can instantly reduce your energy bills by one-third.