Gemstone Energy Medicine is necessary for healing

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Healing is the process of treating an injury or illness. A complete healing is when you’ve permanently restored your health. It is unlikely that your illness will return, more help.

You must address any energy issues which may have caused the issue. Every disease, disorder or injury has an impact on more than your body. Two of the first things that affect us are our negative feelings and thoughts about the illness. Disharmonic effluent is next, which comes from diseased or damaged tissues. Fourth is its energetic counterpart. In order to heal completely or avoid any delays, it is important that you address all four of these areas. The physical issue may be a part of your work.

It is vital to total healing that you use gemstone energy medicine. Gemstone energies have the ability to disperse and harmonize disharmonious energy and calm emotions. Only gemstone therapy can achieve this. Gemstone energy medicine is also effective in conjunction with healing modality or drugs to promote tissue regeneration.

Let’s start by talking about the dissolution and separation of emotional ties. As physical ailments are usually associated with a great deal of negative feelings, this can be an overwhelming task. This can add to the anxiety of having a chronic illness. An illness that is sudden or a long-term disease can affect your ability to be happy and healthy. After a diagnosis of a serious illness, patients often experience many emotions. You will be required to express any frustration, anger, sadness, and guilt you may feel about your condition. As thoughts and emotions are often linked, the tendency is for them to reinforce reality. It is harder to achieve better health for people who are fearful, worry and imagine the worst.

Negative thoughts and feelings about an injury or disease first wrap around the body, and then begin to permeate the tissues. The tissue can change if the negative feelings and thoughts are fixed in place. Which tissues will be affected depends on the genetics of you and your weaknesses. Most often, embedded stress manifests as a thickening (of tissue such as blood vessels and muscles). The reason for this is not because the person spends all of their time at a computer keyboard. This condition can be caused by a sedentary life style. It is made worse by mental tension and stress.

While it might take longer to improve or treat physical conditions, the healing of emotions and thought is usually much more effective than tissue repair. The recognition of their healing properties is a part of the gemstone energy medicine. Natural healing stones are capable of balancing, clearing, and elevating emotional and mental power. It is easier to identify their shortcomings when they can recognize the positive in other people. They can also be empowered by gem energy to rid themselves of all negative emotions and thoughts.

In or around organs, cells and emotional energy, disharmonious energies are possible. The disharmonious effluent is what I am referring to. An organ in a traumatized or diseased state emits energy to show its condition. It is the nature of the body to react in this way. A disharmonious effluent is a warning signal to the body. Your immune system can help you reduce the frequency.

When the body is depleted of resources or when other things are demanding their attention, a warning flare may be ignored. It becomes more and louder over time. This can prevent the body from using its own natural healing powers. By pressing in areas that are already damaged, it can also increase the pain. Lift and remove this unwanted accumulation in order to promote healing.

You can use different types of jewelry with therapeutic properties in poultices. Others can be used for their immune-stimulating properties while other necklaces have healing qualities. This formula is useful to clear unbalanced effluents. This remedy is made up of edible pills imprinted with gemstone energies. This remedy was created to help the body release negative energies. This combination, Energy Clearing GEMFormula may be a major advance in gem energy medicine.

The healing of the physical tissue requires the healing of its energy counterpart. The energetic essence of each cell and organ is essential to its functioning. You can use the same modality to treat your organ’s counterpart. The gemstone therapy is also a way to heal its counterpart. Natural stones can be used to heal the body. It is possible to remove an organ physically?

The gall bladder had to be removed because I’d suffered from a painful series of attacks. What’s the final outcome? The end? My sharp and burning pains in my side left did not subside. Even though my doctor said that I had successfully excised the gall bladder, it was not a good reason to feel pain. An energy worker friend of mine brought this up. She reminded me that all organs, physical or otherwise, are linked to their energy counterparts. It took a while for the pain to subside. As I was still in hospital I could not access therapeutic gems. I was able to use my imagination and create the healing qualities of these gemstones.