Five Reasons You Should Include Images In Blog Posts

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One of the best ways you can create high quality blogs is by including relevant pictures to blog posts. Images-rich blogs have been shown to be more attractive than post with no images. Images are a great way to increase website success. You are now ready to think of for your blog post.

Below are some examples of these benefits. These benefits are not intended to be promoted by small businesses.

  1. Website Traffic

Experts in the online industry have found that blog posts with images generate 94% more pageviews per post than posts that don’t contain images. We all know the importance page views and website traffic when it comes blog. It is the number and quality of page views that a blog receives that determines its success online.

An image is essential in every blog. It will increase the appeal and attraction of your blog to more people. The image should be relevant to the content.

  1. Search Engines

Studies have shown that blog entries with images are more likely to be found in search engines then those without images. About 60% of web users are more likely get in touch with companies when an image from their blogs appears as a search result.

  1. Trust

People believe what they can see in the images that you post to blogs, and not just what is written. If they can see what your written content is about, adding blog images to your posts will help them relate more to it.

  1. Higher Engagements

Engaging your website visitors with relevant images in your blog posts can lead to greater engagement. Blog images will always go beyond plain texts and links to build relationships with your audience through increased customer engagements on the page.

  1. Conversions

A blog post about your products/services should contain images that showcase the products/services. Images are more likely than not to make customers buy, with 65% of them purchasing. Visitors may not trust the quality and authenticity of your product or service if they don’t see images.