Even if your list is small, here are some tips to fill up your next blog post

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Fear of being criticized for writing blog content or blogging regularly was one thing that kept me from writing. To avoid this problem, you can create an email list to subscribe and promote each blog post. You can get as many blog comment as you like even with a small subscriber list if there are a few basic rules. When the blog post has been completed, annotate and pre-launch any comments. After that, reply to any other comments and then cap your comments with a few short comments. These tips will assist you in this dream big coaching.

Let’s say you announce and pre-launch your comments on your blog. The average person logs onto their blog, writes a post, hits the “Publish”, and it goes online immediately. But what if your blog post was saved as a draft and scheduled for a few days?

What is great about this method is that you are making a big deal out of something as simple and straightforward as a blog post. This is something very few bloggers and marketers do. I may announce a blog post two to three days before it goes live so that I can talk about the post three days beforehand, two days before, and then finally the day after the post goes up. My question is not: Are you writing blogs for traffic, or just because of https://www.dreambigcoaching.com?

There’s an interesting way to increase the number of comments on your blog once it goes live. This is by simply responding. To get 20 comments on your blog you will need 10 comments from others. That’s because 10 people may have made 10 blog comments, or responded to your post. Then you can log in and respond to each of those comments. You now have 10 comments and 10 visitors to your blog, which makes it 20 blog comments.

You might be asking yourself why you should announce your post and reply to the comments. It’s your website and you can do anything you like. People have a good reason to comment when you say you will limit or cap the number comments that are allowed on the blog post.

These sites are usually built around www.dreambigcoaching.com and are meant to be attractive to visitors. What if, for your next blog post, you told your subscribers that there will only be 10 comments on your post and that the post will be closed forever. I’m sure that even people who wouldn’t normally comment would jump to leave comments because they want their voices to be heard before the post is closed. It’s easy to do this: once you have reached your goal of 10 comment, you can edit and remove any new comments. Uncheck one box and you’ll now have 10 comments on your blog post.