Crystals for Meditation

What crystals are best for meditation? Find out how to select the right stones for meditation and which ones are most effective for helping you to connect with Source.

There are many semi-precious gemstones available. It can be hard to know which one is best for what situation, even if your experience is good. Here are my top ten. These are both great beginner gems that will help you meditate and to get you used to the idea. I also included powerful, advanced ones that will allow you to connect to God, spirit, and other dimensions.

Learn about the most powerful crystals that can help you meditate, including moldavite and larimar.

What are the best crystals to help me meditate?

You should look for crystals that are:

* Connect you with a higher source of guidance or assistance

* Relax!

* They are good for connecting with both spirit and earth – they help you stay grounded while meditating

* Assist with visions, psychic abilities, divination, etc

* Strong properties

If you have trouble clearing your mind, staying focused or connecting with your higher self, crystals can be a great way to help. You can use specific gems to help you achieve certain goals, such as building self-love or connecting with angels.

When I meditate, I love to use crystals. The way you use crystals depends on your personal preferences and needs. If I am meditating for specific purposes (or using my crystal skulls), I will create a circle of stones that I can sit in or use a large point or palm stone to hold onto while I meditate. If you’re just starting meditation, you could use it to focus or wear crystal jewellery.