3 Questions to ask when hiring a carpet cleaning company

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Evansville, just as other cities, has many options for carpet cleaning when you hire a professional. This article will equip you with a list questions to ask to help decide which carpet cleaning company is right for your needs. Recommended reading!

1. What carpet cleaning method do your use?

Hot Water Extraction (HWE), the industry standard, is what carpet manufacturers recommend for carpet cleaning. Also known as “steam clean”, it is a method that carpet cleaners refer to as “steam cleaning”. The carpet is simultaneously rinsed with a cleaning liquid and vacuumed.

One other method, called low-moisture carpet cleaning, “dry” or shampooing, is not recommended. HOST machines are available for rent at local stores. While low-moisture may improve your carpet’s appearance, it doesn’t remove contaminants like pet waste, mold, bacteria, and other harmful substances. The fact that there is no flushing action means that heavier sediments, like sand, remain to grind down carpet fibers and reduce their lifespan. HWE, which is low-moisture, is an excellent choice for carpet cleaning in homes.

2. Are you using Truckmount Equipment

This refers specifically to the actual machine used by a carpet-cleaner to clean your carpets. Some cleaners may use an electrically-powered machine that can be brought into your house or put outside your home. These “portables” units can’t offer the same heat/rinsing or vacuum recovery (crucial in soil removal and drying time) as a truckmount machine.

Portable machines may also pollute air in your house as the vacuum system blows unfiltered contaminated air straight into your home.

A “truckmount” is a machine that is permanently mounted inside the cleaner’s vehicle and runs off its own electricity. Truckmount equipment supplies the vacuum, heat, and flushing needed to clean your carpets well and get them dried quickly. Carpet cleaning with truckmount equipment is the best.

3. How long does it take for my carpets and rugs to dry?

This is a very important question. It is essential to know the drying time before you can move on your carpets. Long drying times aren’t just annoying, but also an indication of how well your carpets had been cleaned. Since soil is liquified by steam cleaning, it is essential to make sure there is no moisture left behind. Truth is, dirt is left behind in carpets that have been wetter. A carpet’s wetter the carpet, the more likely it is for mold or mildew to grow. Drying times of between 1 and 2 hours are the best. 6 hour drying times are normal, but anything more than 8 hours is unacceptable.

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